Fast Food that’s GOOD

Posted by Jess on May 19, 2016 in Food

OMG I am a huge fan of fast food! Well…not the drive-thru kind but the microwave meal kind. I found these awesome breakfast burritos by Sweet Earth Natural Foods a while ago but just discovered these handy-dandy microwave meals. I am not vegan but I don’t eat any dairy so sometimes it’s easier to look for vegan meals. The biggest problem I have found is that most of the time no dairy means no gluten. At least in terms of frozen meals. Problem…I love gluten…give me all the gluten you don’t want…just no diary please.


SweetEarth General Tso's TofuI happened to purchase this one and another at my local Target store. They have a large selection now. Not all are vegan so if you are vegan, watch what you purchase :)

This was so good!!! So very very good and I am hoping good for me. Basically, I am saying run out and get them if you like delicious things!

And thank you to Sweet Earth Natural Foods for bringing deliciousness into my life!

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