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Today I tried some Ambosol on Aiden’s gums for the first time. The reaction I got in return was somewhere between I hate you and ahhhhh. I did discover something interesting though. For some reason right after I put it on he decided to dive for my chin and chew on it. My chin became all tingly it was kind of cool and kind of scary at the same time. He seemed to like the Ambosol once he was done choking from the taste.

Aiden has been pretty crabby lately so I’m not sure what is going on with him. It could be teething, it could be because he is still sick or it could be that he just wants to make me miserable :) Steve and I are both sick. I am feeling better then Steve is but getting more run down by the hour. I am starting to wonder if Aiden is being his normal self but I am so crabby myself that I don’t realize it. Its hard to entertain a baby when you don’t feel good yourself. My MIL is taking him tomorrow so that will be good. Maybe I can get a nap in between all the errands I need to get done.


Beautiful Outside

Posted by Jess on May 23, 2007 in Baby

It is beautiful outside today. I think it is 90ish out. I sat outside with Aiden for a while which is always fun. We just finished up some rice cereal which he really likes but today was even more into it. He was getting very mad at me. He wanted his food right away and I was way too slow for him. He can start on stage 1 foods anytime so I am going to pick some up the next time I go to the store. I can’t wait to have him spit things on me that will actually make a mess. Luckily the cereal wont stain cause he has learned how to spit really well lately. Right now we are watching a show called The Backyardigans. It is such a cute show and Aiden really likes it. It has a lot of music which he just loves. He just found his reflection in a mirror and is fascinated by it. Well actually within the time it took me to type that he is already grabbing the spit rag and covering his face with it. He loves to rub things all over his face. He is so silly and cute. He is getting such a personalty and when he wants something, he wants it NOW :)



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Updates on what you ask, I’m not really sure yet. I guess I will just type whatever comes to me. Cheetos – sorry that was the first thing that came to me. Actually if you haven’t tried baked Cheetos I strongly recommend them. They are just as good if not better then the regular one’s. At least I think so but as Steve would say, “you also like funonions (I have no idea how to spell that)” – those are good too. Actually those are my favorite. OK I think I need some adult time cause I am just rambling away. Too much baby talk today I guess.

Aiden has been sick for the last couple of days. Actually almost a week now. The day after he got his 4 month shots he started to get congested with a runny nose, watery eyes and just plain didn’t feel good. He seems to be doing a little better. I called the doc on Monday (I think) maybe Tuesday and asked if I could give him any cold meds like cough syrup. They asked about his symptoms and one was wheezing so they made me bring him in right away. His doc put him on the liquid form of what they use in some inhalers. I’m not sure if it is doing the trick but he seems to be feeling a little better. Of course every time I say that he starts to cry.

We are trying to get him on some sort of sleep schedule now. The doc recommended that we not put him down once he is asleep but let him fall asleep on his own in the crib. That is really hard for me. I love rocking him to sleep but by the end of the day I have been so tired lately I am glad when he is finally asleep. He has been doing pretty good with it. I think we have figured out that his bedtime has to be around 8 or he gets to be uncontrollably unhappy and just plan cranky. I have been reading that once they get to that stage they are overly tired and then they try and stay awake because they don’t realize they need to go to bed to feel better. It has been rough but like I said I think we are getting it.

I gave him rice cereal for the 1st time today. He really didn’t like it at first, then liked it , then didn’t like it again. All within the span of about 10 minutes. At first it was funny to see the look on his face. I was giving it to him on a spoon so of course he was confused. I think I made it too thick at first but he actually ate that better then when I watered it down more. Who knows. I will try again tomorrow and see what happens. I can’t wait to try him on real food like mashed carrots and pureed banana’s.


4 Month Check-Up and more SHOTS!

Posted by Jess on May 11, 2007 in Baby

I fear that Aiden is beginning to hate the doctor. He had his 4 month check up and shots last night and was pretty upset almost right away. He has a problem with wax building up in his ears so every time they need to check them, they have to clean them out first. Wow does that suck. More so then the shots. He hates it when they go near his ears. I guess he takes after the dog in that respect :) Anyway he finally called down from the ears and then he had to have the oral vaccination (I can’t remember what it is ) and then 3 or 4 or 5 shots. As you can tell I wasn’t looking. I can’t take it. Not the shots part but the look on his face like “why in the hell are you letting them do this to me”. Ya know, that look. Like I am the worst mother in the world because I am not saving him.

Well he is still a little peanut weighing in at 13 pounds and 1 ounce. No need to be alarmed though, she said he looks very happy and healthy and that is all that matters. That is only the 10th-25th percentile but that is a step up from 5th-10th percentile which is what he was since he was born :) His head circumference is now 40 cm which is 5th-10th percentile and his most improved feature, his length which is now 24 inches and in the 25th percentile. I’m sure that whole getting longer thing isn’t going to last long since Steve and I are both vertically challenged ourselves. But who knows. Maybe two people under 5’7 can produce a 7′ baby. Some exciting news, we get to start feeding him rice cereal..no I don’t mean like Rice Chex or anything like that. Just plain old mushy baby cereal that looks kind of like thinned out oatmeal. Umm Umm Good. Anyway being that he isn’t’ feeling so hot today I think we might wait on the cereal until tomorrow or the next day. Why introduce something new when he feels yucky. He has been running a fever all day that hasn’t broken yet even with a couple of doses of Tylenol. He is also super clingy and wants me to be with him and holding him at all times. I feel so bad for the little guy. Not only do you have your ears violated, get shots, and now you feel like crap from a fever.

We did sort of get scolded from the doctor. Steve and I both know that we aren’t supposed to do it but we can’t help it. I don’t want to let him go to sleep on his own. I like to feed him and rock him and snuggle him until he falls asleep. I know what you are thinking…”but how will he ever fall asleep on his own”. Well, I don’t know. Steve and I know we need to at least start making an effort to put him to sleep own his own so we will. I mean the doctor said it would be better for him and I do want the best for him so I guess I better listen to her :)

Take care – Jess


Does anyone read this?

Posted by Jess on May 7, 2007 in Baby

Ok so I think that people read this but I need a little reassurance…PLEASE.

Tell me that I am doing these for reasons more then to just vent and blab :)


Dinner with Mom’s

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Just got back from dinner with 5 other mom’s. Out by ourselves for the night to vent, have adult conversation, not worry about anyone else except ourselves :)

We had a little wine, a lot of yummy food, (I had seafood linguine which was awesome) and some very good coffee to end the night. It was nice to get out with just the girls. We of course talk about kids and husbands and everything else you can possibly think of. Aiden is the youngest of the group by a lot. Most of the other kids are a year or so older so I get lots of great advice about what I am going to expect. I always think that after these dinners I am going to have a nervous breakdown hearing about all the things I have to look forward to. Example….Kids having conflicts with other kids, mom’s having conflicts with other mom’s (can’t wait for that one) and just pure insanity from having kids that are mobile. Mobile kids create chaos and insanity. Right now Aiden doesn’t’ really move unless of course I move him. That makes things a lot easier then dealing with a kids running around the neighborhood. Even though Aiden is starting to get the crawling movement and can move on his tummy, I don’t’ really think he will be crawling much for at least another month. At least I hope not…pray for me would you.

Hope everyone is doing great – Steve is going to be home any minute with Aiden so I have a couple other things to get done quick before they get here. I have to take my alone time wherever I can get it. Jess



Posted by Jess on Apr 27, 2007 in Baby

Here is another site that Steve introduced me to. It is called Woot and although I have to admit that half the time I have no idea what the product is that they are selling, it is really cool. The site sells smaller quantities of things like the Roomba (that stupid vacuum that is supposed to know where the dirt is and guide itself). Once the item is gone, they move onto something else. Most of the stuff is technology oriented such as the item that is up right now which is Microsoft 2006 Streets and Trips.

Take a look and tell me what you think



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Steve introduced me to this cool site called twitter. It is a site that you update periodically throughout the day with 140 characters or less about what is going on right at that moment. For example, I just posted something a few minutes ago that said, “Watching Aiden play on the floor while I scarf down my breakfast. Hopefully he will hold off on the screaming for a couple minutes”. You can let anyone you want view your entries and other people can also request to view it.

Very cool site so check it out if you get a chance. If you are interested in subscribing to mine, let me know and I will send you an invitation.



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Aiden has started laughing over the last couple of weeks. It is the most wonderful sound I have ever heard. He is so ticklish and his laugh is contagious. I start giggling with him. He is so amazing. I think I have said that a million times since I had him. He brings me so much joy that I get all teary eyed just thinking about how wonderful he is – I know, I am still emotional. Not sure if that will ever go away.

We decided to stop swaddling Aiden as of last night. He woke up with the blankets wrapped around his head yesterday morning and Steve and I both said, ok we are done with that. Its not worth it. Now I just have to suffer without sleep for hopefully only a few days. Last night he went to bed at 10, woke up at 1, 3:30, 5 and decided it was time to get up for the day at 6. He is attempting to take a nap now but he is moving around a lot and seems to be in a really light sleep which is unusual for him. Most of the time he can sleep through anything. TV, phone, my loud typing, anything.

Oh no, I think he is awake already. Man I need a nap of my own so I better go.


Ear Infection

Posted by Jess on Apr 21, 2007 in Baby

Aiden has his first ear infection. Poor little monster. He is feeling much better since being on antibiotics. He is on amoxicilion for 10 days or until it is gone. I felt so bad for him. He was miserable and I could tell something was wrong. I was hoping he was just teething. yes I know it is early but he had all the signs until he started running a fever. Apparently some doctors feel that running a fever is a sign of teething and some don’t. Mine doens’t so when I called on Wednesday mroning they told me to come right in. I love my doctors office. They are so great. They encourage me to call whenever I am concerned about anything. Being that he barely slept on Tuesday night and was crying and just plan cranky for a couple days.

It is so hard to know what a little baby needs. How do you know what is wrong with someone that can’t tell you anything. I saw him grab his ear at one point and thought, “I wonder if he could have an ear infection”. I strongly suggest that if you think anything is wrong with your baby you should take them in right away.

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