Ears, heads and backs oh my

Posted by Jess on Sep 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Aiden now has tubes in his ears. I have developed migraines again and my back is a mess. Its been a long few months but we are all doing great. We still love being parents and cherish ever moment we get to spend with Aiden. He is becoming a silly little boy that still loves the Backyardigans and his puppy. Solo gets a great deal of abuse from Aiden but I think they both love it. Aiden especially likes to sit on Solo’s back and say “horseee” and jump up and down like he is riding him. It is a pretty funny site and hard not to laugh out loud. Aiden is constantly doing things that we should be scolding him for but instead find ourselves laughing at or taking pictures of to document for when he gets older. Like when he spilled water on the floor, saw Solo licking it up off the floor so he started licking it off the floor. I realize if this is read by the wrong person they may call DCFS but lets hope that doens’t happen :) Instead of telling him to stop, I started laughing and ran and got the camera to video tape it. I know, you all want to see the video :) Once we find our cable to upload the photo’s I will add a link to this post.

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