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Posted by Jess on May 30, 2008 in Baby |

Just had to share this email from my mother to Aiden:

These notes are for you Aiden. Every time I am with you, I am so delighted. You are an amazing little guy. The animals in the book were so familiar to you. The cow was your favorite. It got your deep voice. You made me suck on a pacifier as you were sucking on another. You kept pushing it in my mouth ’till I finally gave in and did it.

It was your game of the day. The Disney pop up book was mutilated once again. The pop up figures are so inviting. Tearing them is a great satisfaction. You tore off Tarzan. I put him aside to glue later on. You got the piece back from me, put it on the page and clapped for yourself. You were so happy that you could piece him together again. I was sitting at the crib intending to reach for some old pacifiers that were along the wall from a few weeks ago. Before I even reached for them,

You anticipated what I would do , crawled under the crib and retrieved them. Connecting sequential events is a new trick and tons of fun to watch. The letters and numbers are more fascinating to you in the tub. Your game of surprise splash continues. Like a frog you crouch and suddenly stand and splash. We laugh together.

Run and chase also creates hysterics. You are going in and out of rooms ’till you decide to be caught. Sitting on grown up chairs has its attraction. Drinks and food seem

To taste better from a grown up chair. “uh, oh” and bubbles were clearly verbalized. “uh, oh” is useful for lots of situations that don’t go as planned…..like spilling my cup of water. You’ve got the tone and application down pat. Mommy and Daddy know all these things about you, but I am so thrilled to be sharing them with you.

Recording them here is my way of savoring the sweet moments.



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