Lots of 1st for our Family

Posted by Jess on Dec 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

Aiden is almost 1. His b-day is on the 9th of January so it is coming up fast. I can’t believe it. It really has been a year of 1st’s for all of us.

Our 1st baby
My 1st time getting laid off
Steve’s 1st time working somewhere that had layoff’s
My 1st time wondering if I wanted to work or be a full time mom
Steve’s 1st time wondering if I was completely insane (I think it was the 1st time)
My 1st time working for a big company
Steve’s 1st time being jealous of my company because of the extras offered.
Aiden’s 1st smile (happened within 2 hours of him getting ripped from my tummy. Sorry that was a little graphic but true. The nurses all commented on how almost immediately he was smiling)
Aiden’s 1st time cutting a tooth (took a long time but now he has like 10)
Aiden’s 1st time rolling over (did it early and then seemed to forget for a few months)
Aiden’s 1st Halloween (he went to bed at 6:30)
Aiden’s 1st Christmas (which was awesome)
Aiden’s 1st Step (now he is walking all over the place. He falls a lot still but he is still a walking fool)
Aiden’s 1st time meeting my best friend Anna (we are going to go see her in a few hours – I am so excited. I haven’t seen her since last year around this time)
Aiden’s 1st word (even though I spent 24 hours a day with him at the time, he said dada 1st)

There are so many other 1st for all of us this year. Learning how to live with a baby and lack of sleep was hard at 1st but we got through it and now we have an amazing little family that I love.

With Aiden almost turning 1 it has made me think about how amazing being a wife and a mother truly is. When you are a wife your relationship with your husband is different then after you have a baby. I think that Steve and my relationship has gotten so much stronger. I love hearing him over the monitor singing “American Pie” to Aiden when he just wont go to sleep. I love seeing the look on Steve’s face when he sees Aiden do something that he hasn’t done before or that is so cute we both look at each other and smile knowing that we have an amazing little one, an amazing marriage and an amazing family.

Wow, sorry I didn’t realize this was going to turn out so sappy. I feel like I should tell a dirty joke now or something.

I would love to her about any 1st you have experienced this year. Feel free to share.


No more Adult Songs for me

Posted by Jess on Dec 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

I was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep, it usually takes me an hour or so, and all the sudden I realized that I was singing a song from the Backyardigan’s show over and over again in my head. At that point I tried to remember the words to any “adult” song and all that came to mind was more Backyardigan’s songs…that’s just wrong.


What’s up

Posted by Jess on Dec 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

Since I have 1 reader I guess I will keep on blogging :)

Just kidding I know there are more of you too bad you just don’t comment. I know you are all way too shy to say anything to a whole bunch of people that you don’t know. Its ok…they wont bite.

What’s up with the Dembo’s? Well today I called in sick to work. Had a migraine this morning and could not make it go away. I slept until 12:30 which I haven’t done in a very, very long time. I am feeling better but think I might have a sinus infection…Yuck. taking some over the counter stuff to see if that will help kick it.

Aiden is doing great. He had a great day at daycare today. They said he is back to his old self again. I yelled at them for saying it cause that means that he will be sick again in a few days. Every time Aiden seems to be back to himself, he gets sick and miserable. Hopefully it wont happen this time. I think I saw another tooth when he was laughing earlier so that might make him a little unhappy too. He is such a little cutiepie though. I can’t help but kiss and hug him all the time. He started doing some really cute affectionate things lately too. For example…when he likes someone he puts his forehead to the other persons and smiles. It is so cute. He also gives kisses but not sure how many people he does that to other then me. And I think most of the time is is because he is trying to bite my nose.

Since we are going to celebrate both Chaunaka and Christmas with Aiden we have Christmas decorations and Chaunaka decorations all over. We have been lighting the Chaunaka candles every night. Steve was out of town and I lite them too however I didn’t know the prayer and the only prayer I know is the one over the wine so I said that one. Steve assured me that was just fine.

Hope everyone is doing well and I get more comments :)

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