Blogging Again

Posted by Jess on Nov 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’M BACK……It has been over 2 months since my last blog and I promise that will not happen again. I plan on keeping it up at least once a week even if all I say is “Hi Everybody”.

What’s new with Aiden – another tooth (he has 4 now), another double ear infection, just finished his thrush meds, getting bigger but still a little peanut. That about sums it up.

What’s new with Steve – well his blog www.teach42.com was just listed as one of the top 5 blogs by Tech Learning magazine for teachers and administrators. You can see the article at www.techlearning.com/story/showArticle.php?articleID=196604794, his birthday is December 5th and he is very excited to be taking a bunch of time off around the holiday’s.

What’s new with me – Loving my job and the people I work with. Still learning which is a little upsetting to me. Things don’t click as fast as they used to before Aiden. Guess I just have too much on my mind now. Everyone says I am doing great though so maybe it is just my own feelings of inadiaquicy that I am burdened by. I’m learing about the perks of working for a large company everyday. We had a book fair yesterday were Barnes & Noble brought in a bunch of books and we could purchase at our convenience throughout the day if we wanted. We also get special discounts with some of our premium providers which is cool too. I have joined the event committee and also am co-leading a group on social networking/marketing and how we can use it in our field of business. It is a great opportunity and I can’t wait to present all our ideas for blogs and social marketing things we have gathered.

A couple weird things about working for a large company. When you have a secret santa party…71 people can participate instead of the 20 I am used to with a smaller company. You don’t know everyone’s names and are not introduced to everyone…nor will you ever be. You might see people everyday but never work with them. This stuff is all new to me. I am used to knowing almost everyone I work with and having parties with everyone and having fun with everyone. I know maybe 1/4 of the people that work at this building and that is being very generous. 900 poeple work here…that is insane to me. The very cool thing about my department is that we are a smaller family unit within a bigger company. That helps with the shock of coming to a company this size. I can definatly see why some people prefer big and some prefer small. Both have a very different feel….I’m not sure which I prefer yet. I will have to keep you updated on that.

I hope everyone is doing well and keep in touch. We are super busy these days but I would love to hear from anyone that is reading.

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