My first tooth

Posted by Jess on Sep 20, 2007 in Baby |

Yesterday while I was at Target with Aiden, all the sudden he started screaming. He has been sick for a few days with a cold and is pretty congested but screaming. He never screams like that. I thought maybe he got something stuck in the cart, maybe I pinched him accidentally. I had no idea what was wrong but I did know that he hasn’t really wanted me to touch his mouth much at all and I thought that a tooth might be coming soon. I had some of the most awesome things in the whole world in the diaper bag. They are orajel q-tips. They have the medicine in them so all you have to do is break one side off and then the medicine all flows into the other side. I got one of those out and he immediately calmed down before I even put the medicine on his gums. I put it on and he had a big smile on his face. As I was putting it on I saw something white and discovered that his first tooth had pushed through. It was so exciting for me and painful for him. He is drooling so much he could probably fill up the bathtub. I noticed this morning when I finally got his mouth pried open that it looks like one is pushing through on the top too.

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