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Posted by Jess on Aug 21, 2007 in Baby

Well we have been a little crazy since the last time I posted. Wow it has been over a month. Sorry about that. Aiden started crawling at 7 months. He is all over the place now and loves power cords and crawling under and through things. Right at this very moment we are watching Finding Nemo, I should say I am watching Finding Nemo and Aiden is crawling all over the floor and trying to chew on anything he can. I got him this crazy tunnel set that is huge and he loves crawling around in it and playing.

Today he was crying and I tried everything, pacifier, water, blankie, finally I took him into the kitchen and he pointed at a bottle. That was a first for him. It was so awesome. This past weekend we went to the Farm in Scales Mound (right by Galena) with a bunch of friends and had an amazing time. It rained almost the whole time but we all have such a great time no matter what we do so it was wonderful. He loves to go swimming and we go as often as we can to the pool right by our house. They have two zero depth pools so he walks right in and he is a little fishy already. He dunks his head under on purpose all the time and is great at a back float. Of course Steve or I hold him the whole time. We have gone on the slides with him at the pool and at the park and he seems to love anything outside. He also loves going on the swings at the park. We have been spending lots of quality time together since I lost my job. He is so amazing and wonderful and I adore being a mom more then I ever imagined.

I am looking for a job intently right now. I need something soon. I will miss being at home with Aiden but I am very excited to get back to work. I think that getting let go was a blessing in disguise. It has been so fantastic being able to spend so much time with Aiden but I know I am meant to go back to work. Not just because I like money :) but because I am ready to get my career back on track. I wish that every mom had the opportunity to spend this much time with there children when they are this young. It is so much fun to watch him learn new things everyday. Like the pointing thing today. When he figures things out or when Steve gets home from a long day at work and Aiden smiles big and knows exactly who his daddy is. It is such an amazing feeling of joy and love. He is also talking a lot and telling me everything that he wants. Too bad I don’t speak baby :)

Hope everyone is doing well. If you are reading this, let me know. I would love to get comments :)

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