Rolling Over

Posted by Jess on Jun 21, 2007 in Baby |

Aiden has discovered how to roll over, and over and over. He is a very busy boy now. He rolls over and crawls backward around the room. He learned how to crawl backward a couple weeks ago but now that he can rollover by himself, he is all over the place. Today he is pretty crabby. I think he is really teething now cause he is in a very cranky mood and I haven’t been able to figure out why. It could also be that he is exhausted but I am guessing it is more due to teething. He is running a fever though so not sure what that means. I know my doctor said that running a fever isn’t a symptom of teething but lots of people think a low grade fever is a symptom so lets hope that is what it is. Right now we are watching a Baby Einstein CD that one of our friends made for us. it is about language and is in lots of different languages. He seems to be tolerating it but not sure if he is actually enjoying it or not. He isn’t screaming so that is improvement. Oh crap, its done. NOW WHAT. Gotta go..

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