My little man

Posted by Jess on Jun 13, 2007 in Baby |

I had just given Aiden a bottle and we were sitting here listening to the Backyardigans songs on the computer. He was suffering from food coma as usually happens when he is very full and all the sudden I noticed he wasn’t dancing with me anymore. He fell asleep in my arms while I am swinging him around like a monkey. It almost made me cry. I know sounds weird but my hormones are still all out of whack so what can anyone expect from me. I wanted to keep holding him but decided he would probably sleep better if I put him in his crib. I would love to keep him this age forever. He is at the stage now that everything is amazing and he smiles at everything and everyone. I took him to my doc with me yesterday and you should of heard all the women in the office.

I’m going to go read while Aiden is asleep so gotta go. Jess

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Zadie (aka GrampaR)
Jun 13, 2007 at 2:29 am

Hey, with your recent post little momma, it looks like you’re either really sleep deprived and just plain hallucinating about what you think will happen tomorrow, or you are prescient. If the latter, can you tell me what the lotto numbers will be for Wednesday? Then I can get you guys a really nice grill! Love ya


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