Nap Time

Posted by Jess on Jun 12, 2007 in Baby |

Aiden has been asleep for over 2 hours this afternoon. I just went and checked on him. I can’t help it, I get freaked out when I hear him scream, I get freaked out when he is silent. What can I say, I’m a crazy mom. He wasn’t taking naps for a while. I mean not for longer then 30 minutes at a time. It was horrible. I was ready to pull out all my hair. The sleeping thing has been going great at night though. He went to sleep last night without crying at all. It was wonderful. He hasn’t woken up the last couple of nights either so maybe this is the start of some good sleeping. Either that or he will do it for a week or so, just long enough for me to get used to it and then…wham…change to something completely different that makes all of us miserable for a few days until we figure out the pattern.

I’m very much looking forward to Steve’s 1st father’s day. I cant’ wait to give him his awesome present. Sorry I can’t tell you what it is, he reads this sometimes :)

I just got Aiden an Exersaucer last week. if you don’t know what it is, it is a stationary play seat that you sit a little one in. It has toys all around it and if it is low enough the baby can stand up in it. It is great for Aiden cause he loves to stand up so much that he can be entertained for a lot longer then any of his other toys. It has some great toys on it too. I actually took a whole bunch of pictures but I can’t ever remember how to upload them to flickr so I will have to ask Steve to remind me again. I also got him a walker for when he gets a little older. I don’t think he can use that yet but I haven’t’ tried yet either. Maybe I should.

It looks like we are going to get a new gas grill today or tomorrow too. We have had ours for over 5 years and we love it but it is broke right now. We were planning on just ordering the parts for it and fixing it but when I was looking through the ads in Sunday’s paper we found an amazing deal and are going to get a new one instead. Anyone want to buy a grill that doesn’t work and try and fix it?

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