Beautiful Outside

Posted by Jess on May 23, 2007 in Baby |

It is beautiful outside today. I think it is 90ish out. I sat outside with Aiden for a while which is always fun. We just finished up some rice cereal which he really likes but today was even more into it. He was getting very mad at me. He wanted his food right away and I was way too slow for him. He can start on stage 1 foods anytime so I am going to pick some up the next time I go to the store. I can’t wait to have him spit things on me that will actually make a mess. Luckily the cereal wont stain cause he has learned how to spit really well lately. Right now we are watching a show called The Backyardigans. It is such a cute show and Aiden really likes it. It has a lot of music which he just loves. He just found his reflection in a mirror and is fascinated by it. Well actually within the time it took me to type that he is already grabbing the spit rag and covering his face with it. He loves to rub things all over his face. He is so silly and cute. He is getting such a personalty and when he wants something, he wants it NOW :)

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