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Today I tried some Ambosol on Aiden’s gums for the first time. The reaction I got in return was somewhere between I hate you and ahhhhh. I did discover something interesting though. For some reason right after I put it on he decided to dive for my chin and chew on it. My chin became all tingly it was kind of cool and kind of scary at the same time. He seemed to like the Ambosol once he was done choking from the taste.

Aiden has been pretty crabby lately so I’m not sure what is going on with him. It could be teething, it could be because he is still sick or it could be that he just wants to make me miserable :) Steve and I are both sick. I am feeling better then Steve is but getting more run down by the hour. I am starting to wonder if Aiden is being his normal self but I am so crabby myself that I don’t realize it. Its hard to entertain a baby when you don’t feel good yourself. My MIL is taking him tomorrow so that will be good. Maybe I can get a nap in between all the errands I need to get done.


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