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Updates on what you ask, I’m not really sure yet. I guess I will just type whatever comes to me. Cheetos – sorry that was the first thing that came to me. Actually if you haven’t tried baked Cheetos I strongly recommend them. They are just as good if not better then the regular one’s. At least I think so but as Steve would say, “you also like funonions (I have no idea how to spell that)” – those are good too. Actually those are my favorite. OK I think I need some adult time cause I am just rambling away. Too much baby talk today I guess.

Aiden has been sick for the last couple of days. Actually almost a week now. The day after he got his 4 month shots he started to get congested with a runny nose, watery eyes and just plain didn’t feel good. He seems to be doing a little better. I called the doc on Monday (I think) maybe Tuesday and asked if I could give him any cold meds like cough syrup. They asked about his symptoms and one was wheezing so they made me bring him in right away. His doc put him on the liquid form of what they use in some inhalers. I’m not sure if it is doing the trick but he seems to be feeling a little better. Of course every time I say that he starts to cry.

We are trying to get him on some sort of sleep schedule now. The doc recommended that we not put him down once he is asleep but let him fall asleep on his own in the crib. That is really hard for me. I love rocking him to sleep but by the end of the day I have been so tired lately I am glad when he is finally asleep. He has been doing pretty good with it. I think we have figured out that his bedtime has to be around 8 or he gets to be uncontrollably unhappy and just plan cranky. I have been reading that once they get to that stage they are overly tired and then they try and stay awake because they don’t realize they need to go to bed to feel better. It has been rough but like I said I think we are getting it.

I gave him rice cereal for the 1st time today. He really didn’t like it at first, then liked it , then didn’t like it again. All within the span of about 10 minutes. At first it was funny to see the look on his face. I was giving it to him on a spoon so of course he was confused. I think I made it too thick at first but he actually ate that better then when I watered it down more. Who knows. I will try again tomorrow and see what happens. I can’t wait to try him on real food like mashed carrots and pureed banana’s.

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