4 Month Check-Up and more SHOTS!

Posted by Jess on May 11, 2007 in Baby |

I fear that Aiden is beginning to hate the doctor. He had his 4 month check up and shots last night and was pretty upset almost right away. He has a problem with wax building up in his ears so every time they need to check them, they have to clean them out first. Wow does that suck. More so then the shots. He hates it when they go near his ears. I guess he takes after the dog in that respect :) Anyway he finally called down from the ears and then he had to have the oral vaccination (I can’t remember what it is ) and then 3 or 4 or 5 shots. As you can tell I wasn’t looking. I can’t take it. Not the shots part but the look on his face like “why in the hell are you letting them do this to me”. Ya know, that look. Like I am the worst mother in the world because I am not saving him.

Well he is still a little peanut weighing in at 13 pounds and 1 ounce. No need to be alarmed though, she said he looks very happy and healthy and that is all that matters. That is only the 10th-25th percentile but that is a step up from 5th-10th percentile which is what he was since he was born :) His head circumference is now 40 cm which is 5th-10th percentile and his most improved feature, his length which is now 24 inches and in the 25th percentile. I’m sure that whole getting longer thing isn’t going to last long since Steve and I are both vertically challenged ourselves. But who knows. Maybe two people under 5’7 can produce a 7′ baby. Some exciting news, we get to start feeding him rice cereal..no I don’t mean like Rice Chex or anything like that. Just plain old mushy baby cereal that looks kind of like thinned out oatmeal. Umm Umm Good. Anyway being that he isn’t’ feeling so hot today I think we might wait on the cereal until tomorrow or the next day. Why introduce something new when he feels yucky. He has been running a fever all day that hasn’t broken yet even with a couple of doses of Tylenol. He is also super clingy and wants me to be with him and holding him at all times. I feel so bad for the little guy. Not only do you have your ears violated, get shots, and now you feel like crap from a fever.

We did sort of get scolded from the doctor. Steve and I both know that we aren’t supposed to do it but we can’t help it. I don’t want to let him go to sleep on his own. I like to feed him and rock him and snuggle him until he falls asleep. I know what you are thinking…”but how will he ever fall asleep on his own”. Well, I don’t know. Steve and I know we need to at least start making an effort to put him to sleep own his own so we will. I mean the doctor said it would be better for him and I do want the best for him so I guess I better listen to her :)

Take care – Jess


bev dembo
May 15, 2007 at 6:48 am

just typed a long message. It didn’t mail,so I’m upset. I’m going to try to send this.

bev dembo
May 15, 2007 at 6:58 am

OK back to my favorite subject:Aiden. I was saying it’s a shame about his ear wax pain. I guarantee he won’t blame you for this ever…maybe other things, but definitely not the ear wax cleaning.
Aiden does seem to cry with this “just you wait”attitude….I’ll get even for this. But thank goodness it does pass, we human beings
are lucky to forget temporary pain.


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