Dinner with Mom’s

Posted by Jess on May 7, 2007 in Baby |

Just got back from dinner with 5 other mom’s. Out by ourselves for the night to vent, have adult conversation, not worry about anyone else except ourselves :)

We had a little wine, a lot of yummy food, (I had seafood linguine which was awesome) and some very good coffee to end the night. It was nice to get out with just the girls. We of course talk about kids and husbands and everything else you can possibly think of. Aiden is the youngest of the group by a lot. Most of the other kids are a year or so older so I get lots of great advice about what I am going to expect. I always think that after these dinners I am going to have a nervous breakdown hearing about all the things I have to look forward to. Example….Kids having conflicts with other kids, mom’s having conflicts with other mom’s (can’t wait for that one) and just pure insanity from having kids that are mobile. Mobile kids create chaos and insanity. Right now Aiden doesn’t’ really move unless of course I move him. That makes things a lot easier then dealing with a kids running around the neighborhood. Even though Aiden is starting to get the crawling movement and can move on his tummy, I don’t’ really think he will be crawling much for at least another month. At least I hope not…pray for me would you.

Hope everyone is doing great – Steve is going to be home any minute with Aiden so I have a couple other things to get done quick before they get here. I have to take my alone time wherever I can get it. Jess

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