2 Month Check-up/SHOTS

Posted by Jess on Mar 10, 2007 in Baby |

Aiden had his 2 month check up on Wednesday. That meant that he had to get a few shots and get the height, weight and circumference of his head checked again. Although he has gained a bunch of weight and is now 9lbs 11oz, he is still only in the 5th-10th percentile for his age. The doc isn’t concerned at all though she said as long as he is gaining at a steady pace we are good. Aiden’s head which is now 37″ is also in the 5th-10th percentile but his height is in the 25th-50th percentile. Seems funny since Steve and are are both vertically challenged. He had to get 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine at this appointment. He did great. Cried for less then a minute for each shot and although I was told we would have a horrible night with him, he slept for 7 hours straight. He is such a good boy sometimes :)

Other then the above everything is pretty normal for us. I started back to work on Tuesday and even though everyone including myself was convinced that I would be a crying mess, I didn’t cry once all week. It was really nice to get out and be with adults and I do enjoy my job so it was nice to get back to it. I missed it while I was on maternity leave.

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