New Video: Rolling over

Posted by Jess on Mar 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m way behind on the video editing, but this was a pretty exciting video so I rushed one up there. This morning was the first time he rolled over by himself! Pretty cool trick! So of course, I grabbed the camera, got it on tape and uploaded it to YouTube. So you can click here to watch it or click on the thumbnail in the sidebar.

Every day is a new adventure it seems!


Never a dull moment

Posted by Jess on Mar 21, 2007 in Baby

Just when Steve and I started to figure out the whole morning routine after I went back to work, I was let go along with several other people. It has been a long couple of weeks. I hadn’t even been back to work for 2 weeks. At least it has given me more time to spend with Aiden.

He is getting so big well, not really. He is still a little peanut but he is getting so much personality and his smiles make me melt. He has giggled a couple times but nothing has made him really laugh yet. I cant’ wait for that. He just discovered his feet the other day and is very fascinated by his hands. He stares at them and sucks on them. He is constantly sucking on his arms too. He gave himself a nice big hickey yesterday. We went for a nice long walk yesterday. He is actually not a huge fan of his car seat so that has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully he will enjoy it more shortly. I hope to take him for as many walks as possible here pretty soon. Today it was a little chilly so we decided to stay in. I have been giving Aiden a massage almost everyday. He loves them and talks almost the whole time. He is chatting away a lot now. Ok I feel like I am totally babbling…..I think the little monster is waking up so I better cut this short…take care everyone, Jess


2 Month Check-up/SHOTS

Posted by Jess on Mar 10, 2007 in Baby

Aiden had his 2 month check up on Wednesday. That meant that he had to get a few shots and get the height, weight and circumference of his head checked again. Although he has gained a bunch of weight and is now 9lbs 11oz, he is still only in the 5th-10th percentile for his age. The doc isn’t concerned at all though she said as long as he is gaining at a steady pace we are good. Aiden’s head which is now 37″ is also in the 5th-10th percentile but his height is in the 25th-50th percentile. Seems funny since Steve and are are both vertically challenged. He had to get 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine at this appointment. He did great. Cried for less then a minute for each shot and although I was told we would have a horrible night with him, he slept for 7 hours straight. He is such a good boy sometimes :)

Other then the above everything is pretty normal for us. I started back to work on Tuesday and even though everyone including myself was convinced that I would be a crying mess, I didn’t cry once all week. It was really nice to get out and be with adults and I do enjoy my job so it was nice to get back to it. I missed it while I was on maternity leave.


New Photos and Day Care

Posted by Jess on Mar 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Got the new photos uploaded and the albums for Week 6 and Week 7 have been added to the Photo Gallery page. I particularly like the photos of Aiden with Grammy, his great-grandmother. There’s a great photo of him holding her finger!

Well, today was Aiden’s first day at Day Care. Honestly, I think he handled it better than Jess and I! I restrained myself from stopping by the center during lunch time because I didn’t want the other kids to make fun of him. You know, those 12 and 15 month old babies can be brutal with the teasing! But he played well, slept well, ate well and was happy as ever when I picked him up. He’s been smiling up a storm lately, and just lights up the room when he does! There’s no feeling quite like having your baby look up at you and smile.

He’s also starting to ‘talk’ just a little bit. Mostly he just says “Ga” and “Ew”, but that’s alright because I generally talk for both of us.

Everyday a new milestone and a new adventure!



Posted by Jess on Mar 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

OK so I guess I spoke too soon cause last night Aiden was up every hour to hour and a half. It was horrible and Steve was in St. Louis at a conference. I have to tell you after an hour and 15 minutes of trying everything but a bath, I started crying out of pure frustration. Within 15 minutes, he fell asleep. The same thing happened at 6 when he was crying again and after getting maybe 2 hours of sleep there was no way I was getting up yet. I started crying again and again, he fell asleep within 15 minutes. Moral of the story – start crying quicker so he will go back to sleep faster.

He also for the first time giggled yesterday. He did it again today so hopefully he will start doing it all the time.

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