2 nights in a row

Posted by Jess on Feb 27, 2007 in Baby |

I’m not sure when babies are supposed to start sleeping through the night and I am probably jinxing myself by saying anything but for 2 nights in a row, Aiden has slept for 7 hours without getting up at all. Both nights i woke in a panic at the 4 hour mark and had to do the “are you still breathing test”. Those of you with kids know exactly what i am talking about. You put your finger under their nose to see if they are breathing or you look at their chest and see if it is going up and down or, as a last resort, you put your hand on their chest.

Right now I am typing 1 handed as Aiden is sleeping on my left arm. I love watching him while he is sleeping. He smiles and giggles. It is so cute. I have tried to get him laughing on video but have yet to be successful with that.

I think i am going to try and take a nap with the little monster. I go back to work a week from today so I am trying to rest and relax as much as possible this week.

I forgot to tell everyone that Aiden’s doctor put him on a med like zantac. He was spitting up like crazy and seemed to have tummy aches all the time. He woke up screaming this horrible scream that made me want to cry (ok, I did cry) and I finally called the doc on Friday. She said it sounds like he has acid reflux. He seems to be doing much better. No more of that scream that makes me cry.

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