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Posted by Jess on Feb 20, 2007 in Baby |

Don’t know if ya’all noticed, but this weekend I went on a video and blog spree. I added two things to the website, some photo galleries and a sidebar block with the videos we’ve posted.

In the Nav bar, you’ll see a link called Photo Galleries. That’ll take you to a page with photo albums of Aiden organized week by week. Eventually we’ll be posting albums of the family as well as we get photos organized, but for now it’s all about Lil Lefty. You can also view each album as a slideshow, kinda a neat feature of the software.

The other thing I added to the site is a list of the latest videos we’ve added to YouTube. Over the weekend, I added three new videos. The first is the video of Aiden’s bris. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get too graphic! The second is a video of Aiden’s first bath, and the third is a video of the first time Aiden has sucked his thumb! It was a very exciting event, but he hasn’t really done it much since then. That’s ok, he’s still cute!


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