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Posted by Jess on Feb 19, 2007 in Baby |

Aiden tried out his swing and the baby bjorn for the first time yesterday. He didn’t love either one of them last night but this morning when I put him in the swing again he loved it. It does make me a little nervous on the fastest setting but that could just be the crazy new parent syndrome. I am sure Steve is going to try the baby bjorn again today. I think that might of been his favorite gift that Aiden got.

We are all doing pretty well. Aiden is still a little stuffy but he is feeling much better. Steve and I are also doing better other then the fact that my migraines seem to have come back now that I am not pregnant anymore. I guess some women get worse migraines when pregnant and others (like myself) have them go away almost completely. I was very lucky to have them go away while pregnant but it is really hard to get up with Aiden when I am squeezing my temples in agony. those of you who get migraines know what I mean.

We posted more pictures, like we always do. We actually have several more on the camera we have to get up. My mom and my 3 little sisters and my little brother came for the weekend. it was really nice to see them. Now Aiden has meet almost all of his grandparents. He just needs to meet my grandpa, his great grandpa. we are planning on going to visit a lot of my family over Easter weekend so he will get to meet him then. It will be really nice to go see everyone. It has been too long since I have been to Iowa.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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