2 nights in a row

Posted by Jess on Feb 27, 2007 in Baby

I’m not sure when babies are supposed to start sleeping through the night and I am probably jinxing myself by saying anything but for 2 nights in a row, Aiden has slept for 7 hours without getting up at all. Both nights i woke in a panic at the 4 hour mark and had to do the “are you still breathing test”. Those of you with kids know exactly what i am talking about. You put your finger under their nose to see if they are breathing or you look at their chest and see if it is going up and down or, as a last resort, you put your hand on their chest.

Right now I am typing 1 handed as Aiden is sleeping on my left arm. I love watching him while he is sleeping. He smiles and giggles. It is so cute. I have tried to get him laughing on video but have yet to be successful with that.

I think i am going to try and take a nap with the little monster. I go back to work a week from today so I am trying to rest and relax as much as possible this week.

I forgot to tell everyone that Aiden’s doctor put him on a med like zantac. He was spitting up like crazy and seemed to have tummy aches all the time. He woke up screaming this horrible scream that made me want to cry (ok, I did cry) and I finally called the doc on Friday. She said it sounds like he has acid reflux. He seems to be doing much better. No more of that scream that makes me cry.


Another tough day

Posted by Jess on Feb 23, 2007 in Baby

Today was another rough day in Aiden’s world. I did a bunch of research to see if I could find any info on a fussy baby. Guess what I found out. Not only do babies go through growth spirts at 6 weeks but they also reach there fussiness peak. If this is the peak then I can’t complain at all because even though he makes me want to cry when I can’t make him feel better, it really isn’t that bad.


My little lovebug

Posted by Jess on Feb 22, 2007 in Baby

Steve created some amazing video’s of Aiden. The video’s are so great he did such a good job. Aiden has been kind of a cranky butt the last few days. He doens’t want to go to sleep so he cries until he knocks himself out from exhaustion.

I had my 6 week appointment/checkup yesterday and my doc said I am doing great. She gave me the clear to do anything I want so now I can get out of the house with Aiden and not feel so confined all the time. It has been a long 6 weeks without being able to go out with Aiden and it has been too cold to go for a walk with him. I went to work today and Aiden got to meet a whole bunch of new people. We also went out to lunch with someone who used to work with us and some other employee’s. It was really nice to get out but Aiden cried a lot. He was really tired and wasn’t sure what to make of all the people staring at him. I also didnt’ get to spend nearly as long as I would of liked to making sure everyone got to see him but that is ok. I can always take him back to visit again.


Mo Videos and Mo Photos

Posted by Jess on Feb 20, 2007 in Baby

Don’t know if ya’all noticed, but this weekend I went on a video and blog spree. I added two things to the website, some photo galleries and a sidebar block with the videos we’ve posted.

In the Nav bar, you’ll see a link called Photo Galleries. That’ll take you to a page with photo albums of Aiden organized week by week. Eventually we’ll be posting albums of the family as well as we get photos organized, but for now it’s all about Lil Lefty. You can also view each album as a slideshow, kinda a neat feature of the software.

The other thing I added to the site is a list of the latest videos we’ve added to YouTube. Over the weekend, I added three new videos. The first is the video of Aiden’s bris. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get too graphic! The second is a video of Aiden’s first bath, and the third is a video of the first time Aiden has sucked his thumb! It was a very exciting event, but he hasn’t really done it much since then. That’s ok, he’s still cute!




Posted by Jess on Feb 20, 2007 in Baby

I have started using minti.com which allows you to blog so I am going to copy this blog over



He is too cute

Posted by Jess on Feb 19, 2007 in Baby

Aiden tried out his swing and the baby bjorn for the first time yesterday. He didn’t love either one of them last night but this morning when I put him in the swing again he loved it. It does make me a little nervous on the fastest setting but that could just be the crazy new parent syndrome. I am sure Steve is going to try the baby bjorn again today. I think that might of been his favorite gift that Aiden got.

We are all doing pretty well. Aiden is still a little stuffy but he is feeling much better. Steve and I are also doing better other then the fact that my migraines seem to have come back now that I am not pregnant anymore. I guess some women get worse migraines when pregnant and others (like myself) have them go away almost completely. I was very lucky to have them go away while pregnant but it is really hard to get up with Aiden when I am squeezing my temples in agony. those of you who get migraines know what I mean.

We posted more pictures, like we always do. We actually have several more on the camera we have to get up. My mom and my 3 little sisters and my little brother came for the weekend. it was really nice to see them. Now Aiden has meet almost all of his grandparents. He just needs to meet my grandpa, his great grandpa. we are planning on going to visit a lot of my family over Easter weekend so he will get to meet him then. It will be really nice to go see everyone. It has been too long since I have been to Iowa.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Without Aiden

Posted by Jess on Feb 14, 2007 in Baby

Yesterday I went out by myself for the first time. It was really nice to get out on my own. I did miss Aiden probably more then I should of for only being gone for two hours. At one point I heard a baby cry and pulled my cell phone out to call home and check on him. Before I dialed I realized I was being silly and didn’t need to call home.

Aiden has been very upset today. He is still fighting a cold and threw up mucus on me twice today. I feel so bad for him. There isn’t a whole lot that I can do. I have the humidifier going with vick’s stuff in it and I have suctioned out his nose already today. Poor little boy. He is trying to fall asleep in my arms right now but is getting to that stage were he wants to fight going to sleep. He is a cranky mess today but I still can’t get enough of him.


1 Month in

Posted by Jess on Feb 12, 2007 in Baby

Aiden turned a month old on Friday. The first month has been amazing, difficult, wonderful, frustrating…as you can tell it has been a mix of emotions. Aiden is gorgeous all the time even in the middle of the night when he is screaming for food or a diaper change or just because he can. I’m amazed at how much love I had for him from the moment I first saw him. Well maybe I should say after the drugs wore off from the c-section. He just learned how to suck his thumb. Although he hasnt’ done it again since he figured it out so not sure if he really knows or if it was just luck. I got it on videotape though. Aiden had his 1 month check up on the 8th and he was almost 8 pounds, 21″ long and his head is 36″. The doctor said he is doing really good and everything looks good with him.
Steve went on his first overnight work trip over the weekend. It went well having Aiden on my own however it was a very long weekend as I had no time to myself. I am planning on going out on my own for the first time since before Aiden was born. I am excited and also very nervous. I miss the little guy so much just thinking about it but I know that I need some time to myself.

My mom and brother and sisters are coming this weekend to meet Aiden. They are all excited and I am too. I cant’ wait for Aiden to meet another Grandma and his aunts and uncles. I just got an email from my little sis Heather telling me how much she is looking forward to meeting Aiden.

Hope everyone is doing well and I will try and post more often.


New video of our little rock star

Posted by Jess on Feb 9, 2007 in Uncategorized

For some reason, whenever I try to embed a video from YouTube, I crash the whole darn blog.  Blech.

So here’s just an old fashioned link to the latest video of Aiden.  What’s really cool is that while I couldn’t get video of the c-section, I did record audio so what you hear during that moment of darkness in the beginning of the video, are actually his first cries!


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