A day late…..

Posted by Jess on Jan 2, 2007 in Baby |

So as of today he is a day late and now I am starting to understand why pregnant women look so miserable towards the end.
Because it sucks.

I have had an amazing pregnancy. Hardly sick at all, felt pretty good the entire time – UNTIL – the last few days.

Since Friday, I have been pretty unhappy. Everytime I lay down I feel sick to my stomach no matter when I ate last. It feels like he is trying to get out through my leg because of all the pressure. I am tired, cranky (steve can attest to that) and I am ready to be done. So much for wanting him to wait for a little while so he can have a better birthday. Now I am being selfish and I want this over.

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon and he said we would figure out when he is going to induce so I am a little nervous. I am also thinking more and more that the whole epidural thing is a great idea. If I am having this much pain right now and he isnt’ coming out yet then I cant’ even imagine what it is going to feel like soon.

Hope everyone is doing well. Cross your fingers that he says that I should just go have the baby now :)

Happy Holidays & New Year!


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Joe Brennan
Jan 2, 2007 at 10:19 pm

Hang in there Jess and Steve! It will all be very worth it and as slow as time seems to be moving now, it will be flying after he’s born. And two generations of advice – take the epidural!!!


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