Giving Birth

Posted by Jess on Oct 11, 2006 in Baby |

Ok so I am starting to re-think this whole giving birth thing. We went to our 2nd birthing class last night and it doesn’t really look like so much fun anymore. They showed a couple deliveries and I have to say that it was not only terrifying but also extremly gross. I really think that adoption might be the way to go. I guess it is too late to decide that now but maybe next time.

So I really wanted to try and do all natural birth. No drugs no nothin…but…it looks like it hurts like hell so I am starting to re-think that as well.

What did I get myself into?

I went and had my first blood test to determine if I have gestational diabets. The orange sugar water that you have to drink isnt’ that bad but, after I drank it I felt really sick to my stomach. It has so much sugar in it. The little one was bouncing around the womb like crazy. I will find out soon what the results are…lets hope that I don’t have it or I am in big trouble cause I need to eat candy and cookies and cake and everything else that is yummy and has sugar in it.


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