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Posted by Jess on Sep 20, 2006 in Baby |

Little Bonzo is a freakin gymnist. Today for the first time I could see him move under my clothing. I have felt him for about 5 weeks but not like this. He is a crazy boy already. Tomorrow Steve and I are going to have a 3D ultrasound done on him. It is a fufu ultrasound that isn’t at the hospital and isnt’ performed by a doctor but someone that basically knows how to use the equipment and that’s it. Don’t worry, it is completely safe…trust me…I wouldnt’ do it if it wasnt’. I cant’ wait to see the little guy again. Although I have had more ultrasounds then all my friends already but still…I love to see him. He is just so damn cute already :)

Other then just waiting for Bonzo to come out, Steve and I have been keeping very busy with the new house. We had a garage sale over the weekend which proved to be very profitable so that was great. We are still slowly unpacking and can’t wait to start buying some new stuff for the house…at least I can’t wait. I am getting bigger by the minute or so it feels like. I am having a lot of back pain and am going to look into getting a prenatal massage. I am hoping that will help. I am also looking into Prenatal yoga classes which I am hoping will help with some of the other aches and pains of holding this growing baby. Other then that all is going well with us.

I am now 25 weeks (6 months) which means that Bonzo is about 1.5 pounds and about 13″ long. He is still long and lean but will soon start to put on some baby fat. His facial features — lips, eyebrows, eyelids — are more distinct and his teeth are starting to develop under his gums. At my next doctors visit I get to do the glucose-screening test so that should be fun. Lets hope it all comes back good cause if I can’t have sugar for the rest of the pregnancy I am not going ot be very happy. I just read that my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. If my uterus is the size of a soccer ball then where is bonzo and all my organs that should be in there too? I think I should stop thinking so much.

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