Baby Blog Day 7

Posted by Jess on Aug 17, 2006 in Baby |

Well, got back from the ultrasound a little while ago and for those of you who guessed a boy…you were right!!!

It is a very very active baby boy. Now we have to figure out a name. We had a girls name but its not really a good boy name so we have to figure that out.

This kid was going crazy inside when they were doing the ultrasound. We saw several punches and kicks during it. They said all looked good even though they aren’t supposed to tell us anything. That whole drinking tons of water before going in is really a pain in the butt. At one point the tech said she could see how full my bladder was and let me go to the bathroom. It was good cause after her pushing on me, the baby punching and kicking me I was about ready to pee my pants.

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