Baby Blog Day 1

Posted by Jess on Aug 8, 2006 in Baby |

Well even though it is technically the baby’s 19th week and 3rd day being in my belly, I am starting this blog today. I thought this might be a good way to have family and friends find out what is going on inside this tummy of mine without having to call or email me…of course you still can if you want :-)

Right now all is well on the baby front. I am feeling tons of movement and can’t wait for someone to be around when the baby really gets moving so they can feel it too. The little one whom we have affectionately named Bonzo has a real love of sugar and when ever I have had any in the last few days has decided to literally jump off the walls in my stomach.

You would probably all like to know why in the world Bonzo has become the nickname. Well at one point my dad and I were talking about the baby what else and I told him that the baby was the size of a garbanzo bean (now the size of a small zucchini according to that is how the nickname Bonzo was born. From that moment on whenever I talked to him he referred to the baby as Bonzo and it has stuck. Poor little guy or girl. I guess it could of been worse.


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