Baby Blog #8

Posted by Jess on Aug 29, 2006 in Baby

Sorry it has been a little while since I have posted. It has been a crazy couple of weeks for us. We are closing on this house on the 8th and closing on our new house in Skokie on the 8th. Does anyone know a good way to keep movers busy while you are closing? :)

Bonzo is doing good. I had another ultrasound today that we didn’t’ tell anyone about. When I had my ultrasound a couple of weeks ago (at 20 weeks) they saw something that concerned them and wanted me to go for a level 2 ultrasound. Sounds much worse then it is. Anyway, it was a false alarm. I guess all babies have fluid in their brains (sounds bad but is a good thing, shock absorption) what they thought they saw was too much fluid. Turns out they were wrong. The level 2 ultrasound was really in depth and they took pictures and measurements of everything. I was on the table for an hour and a half while they took a million pictures of each individual area of the baby. They took a bunch of pictures of the brain and a bunch of the heart. I also got to see his cute little face and his cute little body. He is just so….cute :) Sorry that we didn’t’ tell any of you but the doctor didn’t seem alarmed and I was trying to keep my cool as much as possible. No need to stress out myself or the baby.

I hope that everyone is doing well. I have been slacking lately on my personal emails and phone calls so please forgive me. Work has been really busy lately and when I am home I am trying to get so much stuff done for the new house and this house. Isn’t it a pain to transfer all your utilities and everything else….

Even if it doens’t seem like it, I am thinking about you all often…Jessie



Baby Blog

Posted by Jess on Aug 19, 2006 in Baby

So now that I am getting yelled at for not sending out an email or something about the baby’s sex I thought I better post an apology – mick :).

Sorry to all of you that found out we are having a boy :) because of the baby blog…but isn’t it so cool!!!


Baby Blog Day 7

Posted by Jess on Aug 17, 2006 in Baby

Well, got back from the ultrasound a little while ago and for those of you who guessed a boy…you were right!!!

It is a very very active baby boy. Now we have to figure out a name. We had a girls name but its not really a good boy name so we have to figure that out.

This kid was going crazy inside when they were doing the ultrasound. We saw several punches and kicks during it. They said all looked good even though they aren’t supposed to tell us anything. That whole drinking tons of water before going in is really a pain in the butt. At one point the tech said she could see how full my bladder was and let me go to the bathroom. It was good cause after her pushing on me, the baby punching and kicking me I was about ready to pee my pants.


Baby Blog Day 6

Posted by Jess on Aug 14, 2006 in Baby

What’s new today…well, not much. Bonzo is still pretty active but I think he must be as tired as I am cause I haven’t felt him nearly as much today. Although I did just feed him so that could have a dramatic impact on the kicking now. Plus I am giving him grapes which he seems to like. And if you are trying to figure out if I keep saying him and he because we are having a boy…don’t know yet just sick of calling the little one it.


Baby Blog Day 5

Posted by Jess on Aug 13, 2006 in Baby

Wow this has been a crazy, stressful, exciting and busy weekend. I know you all only want to read about the baby but…we finally have someone interested in the house and have a contract pending on it. They want to move in September 8th or sooner which means we need a place to live…um…NOW. We looked at a bunch of houses yesterday and we are going to a bunch of open houses today so wish us luck :)
Steve has finally felt the baby (twice) which is very exciting for both of us. Bonzo is still being a crazy kid kicking and pushing and mashing around in there. As of today I am half way done with this whole pregnancy thing. The baby is 10 1/2 ounces and 10 inches long. I didn’t realize this kid was so big already. No wonder Bonzo is moving around so much there is no room in there already.


Baby Blog Day 4

Posted by Jess on Aug 12, 2006 in Baby

Today was awesome in the baby world. Two people at work felt the baby move. I was so excited that someone finally felt Bonzo.

I am pretty sure that Bonzo is jumping rope with the ambilical cord inside me and pulling and pushing on all my organs because he thinks they are toys. Crazy little peanut.

I can’t wait until Wednesday to see if it is a boy or girl. Anyone have any guesses?

And daddy, I told Steve that he has to take a couple pictures of me over the weekend so we can post them.


Baby Blog Day 3

Posted by Jess on Aug 10, 2006 in Baby

Well last night and today have been full of movement. I grab random people’s hands now, put them on my belly and say “did you feel that” of course everyone says no. I don’t think they know what they are feeling for cause I can sure feel it.

Last night I was laying on my left side (like your supposed to) trying to get to sleep and I swear that Bonzo thought there was a door there cause I felt the baby knocking almost all night. Crazy baby.

Bonzo has been extremely active today as well. I have felt it a lot throughout the day. I can’t wait for everyone to feel the little monster.


Baby Blog Day2

Posted by Jess on Aug 9, 2006 in Baby

Today has been pretty boring as far as the baby is concerned. Not a whole lot of movement today at all. I am going today to have some more blood drawn for the Downs Syndrome test among other’s. It makes me kind of nervous because I guess you have a 50% chance of getting a false positive. It might not be 50% but it was high enough to make me wonder if I even wanted to do the test. But, any testing now can’t hurt. At least I don’t’ think so.

So wish me luck…


Baby Blog Day 1

Posted by Jess on Aug 8, 2006 in Baby

Well even though it is technically the baby’s 19th week and 3rd day being in my belly, I am starting this blog today. I thought this might be a good way to have family and friends find out what is going on inside this tummy of mine without having to call or email me…of course you still can if you want :-)

Right now all is well on the baby front. I am feeling tons of movement and can’t wait for someone to be around when the baby really gets moving so they can feel it too. The little one whom we have affectionately named Bonzo has a real love of sugar and when ever I have had any in the last few days has decided to literally jump off the walls in my stomach.

You would probably all like to know why in the world Bonzo has become the nickname. Well at one point my dad and I were talking about the baby what else and I told him that the baby was the size of a garbanzo bean (now the size of a small zucchini according to babycenter.com) that is how the nickname Bonzo was born. From that moment on whenever I talked to him he referred to the baby as Bonzo and it has stuck. Poor little guy or girl. I guess it could of been worse.


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